Clint Eastwood’s Hot AF 23-Year-Old Daughter Francesca Looked Amazing At The ‘Westworld’ Premiere

If you weren’t planning on watching HBO’s Westworld let me just present exhibit A why you really, really should: Francesca Eastwood. No, she isn’t actually going to be on the show, but if she thinks the premiere is important enough to attend that’s good enough for me.

The former USC Trojan is just utterly stunning. Those eyes, bro, those eyes. What is going on with them?


Anyway, despite having already been cast briefly in that horrible series Heroes Reborn last year we really haven’t gotten to see her flex her acting chops yet. Luckily, she’s supposed to be in the Twin Peaks reboot sometime in 2017. Let’s just hope it doesn’t suck as much as that Heroes debacle.

Those eyes, dude, those eyes.

(She also doesn’t look too shabby in a bikini, by the way.)

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