Tantalizing Genevieve Morton Is Your Dream Woman

It turns out that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Genevieve Morton and I have so much in common. It’s almost scary.

We both love the beach.


We both wear shoes.


We both sleep naked.

We both like to shoot guns.

We both love holding Genevieve’s extraordinary bosoms.


We both fancy wicker furniture.


We both like to let our hair down and run through an open field.


We both pretend to be a T-Rex in our spare time.


We both love seafood, even if the heads are still attached.

We both love to go skinny-dipping.


We both love the simply artistry of black and white photography.

So it’s pretty obvious that this blogger and swimsuit model are basically soulmates. I’ll let you know when the nuptials are. I’d prefer a destination wedding somewhere warm, maybe Bali or Seychelles, but Genevieve really should have the final say for the big day. Then I’ll send you the save the date cards.

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