Gorgeous Heidi Klum Pulled Off Another Epic Halloween Costume That Will Have You Seeing Double

Heavenly Heidi Klum goes hard when it comes to Halloween costumes.


This year was no exception. The sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was super excited about her latest unreal costume. She teased her incredible transformation, a process that took several hours and needed many well-trained specialists.

Then came the big reveal.

Why double your pleasure when you can sextuple your pleasure.

Speaking of sex, what do you think they did with the Heidi Klum replicas when she was done with them? You know some dude was like, “I’ll go throw these dolls in the trash. Nah I don’t need help, I’m good.” Then he totally stashed the dolls in his 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier and took all five mannequins home and totally went all freaky “Westworld” on them and had sex with the dolls that night. Which I completely understand.