​I recently got out of a pretty serious relationship and I’m having some trouble getting back into things. To make matters worse(?) I am still very good friends with my ex and still have feelings for her. However, recently while I was away counseling at camp, I started to develop feelings for another girl (lets call her Jane) who I had kind of developed a crush on last year at camp but she had a boyfriend at the time and my brother was always around c-blocking. This year my brother wasn’t around, AND Jane was single! We had several opportunities to talk and I always seemed to make her laugh. There was one pool session where we were both playing with her camper who Jane kept telling to splash me, or shoot me with a water gun. I didn’t mind, I figured she was probably flirting with me since she came over and hugged me in the pool several times after telling her camper to splash me. So before I took any action, I told a mutual friend about my feelings and she informed me that Jane had been talking to her ex. I don’t know how to handle this, and I’m thinking about asking her to a movie or something (not as a date) just to see how things go. 

Is there anybody who can help me with how to handle this situation and give me any advice on how to read her or pursue further?