There Are So Many Hot Babes in This Week’s Hottie Index It Might Fog Your Windows

Amanda Marcum (photo above)
If you needed another reason to root on FGCU to the Final Four, look to coach Andy Enfield’s wife. The wife of Dunk City’s coach is a model who has appeared in many a credible magazine like Elle and Vogue. I’m not exactly sure how a super model ends up with a basketball coach, but maybe it’s because he’s worth a ton of cash. We can’t hate, we just have to appreciate. Marcum’s taking over the internet over the last week like she’s Katherine Webb. It’s time to throw them into a mud pit and see who comes out on top.

Eva Mendes
Like most articles of clothing, panties look best when they’re on the floor next to your bed. The second best place for them would be as they’re flashed by a hot celebrity who’s having trouble getting out of her limousine. Mendes had her “oops” moment when in New York City this week. I must say I expected better from her in the underwear department. Eva – live a little bit!

Kate Beckinsale
39 and still banging? That’s a great way to describe Beckinsale who doesn’t look like a woman only a few months away from her 40th birthday. She was killing it in Cabo this week while in a tiny bikini top. If only all mothers knew to get back into shape like this after giving birth.

Heidi Klum
Speaking of mom’s, Beckinsale might have competition for the hottest mom on the planet. Klum’s recent commercial spot for Carl’s Jr. was sizzling indeed. It probably won’t get me to step foot in a Carl’s Jr., but you give them credit for trying. Now if Klum really wanted to get behind the right product, she should be out there working for J&D to hock some bacon flavored condoms. That would have more traction than a third-tier burger chain.

Britney Spears
The former queen of pop has been sneaking around with a new dude and she finally unveiled him to the public last weekend in Vegas. Then she celebrated by putting on a bikini at a friend’s house in Malibu and actually looked pretty good. We’ve come a long way since 2010 when Britney looked like overweight trailer trash. It’s amazing what dropping Kevin Federline can do to a woman’s looks.