Alec Baldwin’s 21-Year-Old Daughter Ireland Went Topless On The Beach And Looked HOT AF Doing It

by 2 years ago

YouTube - Love Magazine

You know those “advent” calendar videos that Love Magazine puts out each December and that we’ve already featured this month?

Yeah, well, this new video published over the weekend featuring Alec Baldwin’s HOT AF model daughter Ireland Baldwin just moved into the number one slot in my book.

Goddamn, but the girl who caught shit for trying to be a model a couple of years ago has NEVER looked hotter than she does in this video as she strips off her bikini top and frolics on the beach.

Anyone remember how her mom Kim Basinger was literally the hottest woman on the planet back in the day? If not, please check out her Playboy pics and the film 9-1/2 Weeks pronto.) Well, now, at age 21, I think Ireland’s genes from mama might be kicking into overdrive. Wow.

I know that Baldwin’s video is only Day Four of their “calendar,” but damn, no way anyone is going to top this the rest of the month, right? And if someone does I’d like to personally thank Love Magazine for ending this horrible 2016 on a tremendously high note.



YouTube - Love Magazine


YouTube - Love Magazine


YouTube - Love Magazine

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