Evan Longoria’s Playboy Centerfold Fiancée Celebrated Her Bachelorette Party In Las Vegas Like A Champ

If the name Jaime Edmondson rings a bell it’s either because she’s engaged to MLB All Star Evan Longoria (with whom she has a daughter), or it’s because she’s the former Playboy Miss January 2010, was on The Amazon Race, and is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader. As far as redheads go you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman alive that’s more beautiful than Jaime Edmondson, and Evan Longoria was smart to put a ring on it.

Jaime and Evan have the wedding coming up some time in 2016, and she just celebrated her bachelorette party last weekend in Las Vegas with all of her ridiculously hot Playboy friends. I’ve pulled as many photos below as I could find from the bachelorette party, but what I find interesting is how all of Jaime’s photos come from Twitter. She got out of the Playboy/Instagram model game before Instagram really took off, and thus she doesn’t maintain her IG account at all, the last two posts were 9 weeks and 44 weeks ago, respectively. Anyways, here’s the best of Jaime Edmondson’s bachelorette party weekend in Las Vegas with friends Heather Rae Young and Lauren Brignac (Lauren Anderson):








And if you’re wondering what Jaime Edmondson looks like when she’s not on her bachelorette party here are a few photos I’ve culled from her Twitter feed that shows what life was like before she got married:



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