Jennette McCurdy Did A Cool Cover Shoot For ‘Bello’ Magazine’s ‘Sexy’ Issue

Jennette McCurdy has moved on and is definitely moving up.

Jennette McCurdy, now fully broken free from her iCarly Nickelodeon days, has finally got her own show for adults on CityTV and Netflix called Between that according to Wikipedia will premiere in 2016. So naturally, McCurdy is now in promotional mode and part of that includes being the centerpiece for Bello magazine’s new “Sexy” issue.

I don’t know much about Bello magazine, but they made a bold choice in selecting McCurdy since she hasn’t really been on a show since Sam & Cat, another Nick show with Ariana Grande, was unceremoniously dropped by the channel back in mid-2014.

Though after seeing her at the Young Hollywood Party and following her on Instagram it’s quite understandable why they made her their selection. She definitely could be headed for a big-time breakout.