Jennifer Aniston Decided To Skip The Bra Again At The SAG Awards


Jennifer Aniston may not have won, but she certainly looked like a winner.

Jennifer Aniston has been on fire during this year’s Hollywood awards season, grabbing Kate Hudson’s “irresistible ass” on the Golden Globes red carpet, going braless at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and now following that up over the weekend with another trip to the cleavage zone at the SAG Awards.

Sadly, Jennifer Aniston has not brought home the gold at any of these events, thus depriving us of getting to see her speak on stage, which based on the way she’s been dressing would have been a fun time for everyone both in attendance as well as watching on TV.

Aniston wasn’t the only one who slayed it at the SAG Awards either as Sofia Vergara, Julia Roberts, Rashida Jones and Kaley Cuoco turned more than a few heads on the red carpet as well. Check ’em all out…