Jennifer Lawrence Busting Out Of A Skin-Tight, Revealing Dress Is Just Some Kind Of Wonderful

by 1 year ago

Jennifer Lawrence, as we know from seeing her soaking wet in a bikini the other day, has a movie coming out soon called Passengers.

And as I say every time Jennifer Lawrence has a new movie coming out, “God bless her for being SO good at promoting them.”

Whether she’s rocking some of the sexiest outfits ever at her movies’ premieres or doing sizzling hot photo shoots like this one for Vanity Fair, J-Law really knows how to sell the fuck out of some movie tickets.

This particular photo shoot for Vanity Fair also comes with a MONUMENTALLY long profile slash interview that if you’d like to read you can do so right here.

However, for the rest of you (i.e. 99% of you), here are the sexy photos that they took along with a couple of videos.

God bless Jennifer Lawrence once again.

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