Jennifer Lopez’s Skin-Tight, Cleavage-Revealing Catsuit Wins Everything Today

Remember when all people could talk about was Jennifer Lopez’s booty? You know back when she was “Jenny From The Block?” It was literally the number one thing she was known for back then.

Nowadays though J-Lo is all about the cleavage. Like ALL about it. As in, almost every time we see her.

There must be too much competition in the booty game these days what with people like Nicki Minaj pretty much dominating the game right now.

So once again, Lopez was out at another red carpet event, this time to celebrate the last American Idol finalists, and lo and behold not only did she break out her sexy cleavage, she did it in a skin-tight catsuit. Nothing to hate about that. Especially when you consider that she’s 46 damn years-old. (I still say that she’s aging backwards somehow.)

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