Jessica Biel And Priyanka Chopra’s ULTRA-SEXY Dresses Should Have Won Them ALL The Golden Globes

While Emily Ratajkowski and Kaley Cuoco wore two of the hottest dresses of the evening during Sunday night’s Golden Globes, we shouldn’t sleep on Jessica Biel and Priyanka Chopra.

Why? For a few reasons.

One, we have been in love with Jessica Biel ever since the days of “The Jessicas.” (That would be when Biel, Alba and Simpson were all the hotness for you youngin’s out there).

Two, this is the about most skin we’ve seen Biel show since her topless scene in Powder Blue several years back.

Three, Priyanka Chopra’s dress was so impressive that even Sofia Vergara couldn’t believe that she’d been out-cleavaged during the night’s festivities.

So, what channel is Quantico on again?

Eh, never mind, I’ll just look at these pictures for awhile…