Did You Know Former MLB Star Jim Edmonds Has A New Hot, Young Wife? You Do Now

Jim Edmonds is now 44 years-old and retired from Major League Baseball, but as you shall see he’s still got plenty of game left. Last October Edmonds married his bride Meghan King Edmonds and here’s the real kicker, she’s going to be on TV on a regular basis this summer on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

It’s true. It says so right on the show’s Web site.

Wife of baseball superstar Jim Edmonds, Meghan hails from St. Louis and is new to the OC. Her towering height and model good looks might intimidate, but she won’t let anyone take her up to bat. As Jim’s third wife, she is closer in age to her 17-year old step-daughter Hailey, than to her husband. With Jim often away for work, Meghan has been thrown into the role of instant stepmom and is not only struggling to find her place in her newly formed family, but also within the OC social scene.

Okay, let’s do some math here. Jim Edmonds is 44. Meghan King Edmonds’ sister is 17. So halfway would be around 30 so the oldest Meghan could be is 30 years-old. Not bad Jim, not bad at all. No wonder he’s giving us all the THUMBS UP!