Playboy Model Joanna Krupa Is Definitely Not Wearing A Top Here And We Don’t Mind One Bit

Former Playboy model Joanna Krupa is really starting to make me regret not watching Real Housewives of Miami back when she was on it.

First she drops some of the hottest sideboob photos of the year on us and now she’s shared this ridiculously sexy picture of herself not wearing a top. If I’d known this was the kind of thing I might have seen I would have made more than my normal zero effort to actually watch the show.

Of course, posing without a top is nothing new to Joanna Krupa as we saw in a fantastic photo shoot she did last fall, as well as all over her Instagram account.

And even when she does wear a top, she occasionally goes for the see-through look, and in other cases seems to have a little trouble wearing it correctly.

See what I mean?