Meet This Chick From Louisiana Who Has An Onion Booty, Spends Every Day In A Bikini, And Catches Nonstop Trophy Fish

Listen up bros, today you’re all being introduced to your new favorite Instagram account: Jodi Fournerat. Jodi Fournerat’s a woman from the Deep South who loves nothing more than showcasing her onion booty in a bikini while holding up the trophy fish she catches on a daily basis out in the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing out of Lafayette, Louisiana, Jodi Fournerat has been able to craft the PERFECT INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT due to her ability to get out on the water and fish nearly 365 days a year.

The temperate weather of Lafayette, Louisiana has aided in Jodi Fournerat’s ability to create the perfect Instagram account for several reasons:

1.) Much like what happens in California and Florida, having nearly 365 days of good weather creates a culture in which there’s a strong onus put on staying in immaculate shape all year round. When you can be faced with a situation 24/7/365 in which you’ll be wearing board shorts or a bikini at a moment’s notice then you find yourself staying in better shape than you would in somewhere like Milwaukee, where you’re wearing a sweater or jacket for 6 months out of the year.


2.) Lafayette, Louisiana is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Gulf of Mexico, which is one of the most fertile fishing grounds in the world. So nearly all of Jodi Fournerat’s Instagram pics feature here wearing a bikini and holding some sort of trophy fish.

So, without further ado, here’s the very best of @jodifournerat‘s Instagram pics:

Also, make sure to check out the link in Jodi Fournerat’s Instagram bio to Southern Fin Apparel, because they make some pretty badass fishing apparel for both bros and lady bros!

It was brought to my attention yesterday by my fellow BroBible editors that you bros are into pictures of hot chicks who fish. As I very rarely dabble in the ‘hot chick Instagram’ game here on BroBible it never crossed my mind until yesterday that I could be featuring hot chicks who fish, wearing bikinis and holding up trophy fish for you bros here on Brobible, and for that I apologize. If this post is well received then I’ll certainly be featuring more in the future, as Instagram accounts like Jodi Fournerat’s are something I come across on a daily basis within the fishing community.

So if you want more like this then LET ME KNOW down below in the comments, and as the saying goes ‘ask and you shall receive’.