Remember JWoww From ‘The Jersey Shore’? No? You Will After You See What She Looks Like After Her SECOND Boob Job


If you don’t remember JWoww from The Jersey Shore, here’s a quick reminder:

See how each boob is equivalent to the size of a small child? That’s basically what she was known for, if my Jersey Shore memory stands true (which I hope it doesn’t because watching that show killed more of my brain cells than huffing an entire pack of sharpies would). Now that Jersey Shore is off the air, JWoww’s been up to other stuff like…well, I actually don’t know. Who follows reality T.V. stars after they’re off the air? No one…unless they get giant boob jobs that pump their chests up from “small child” to “at least 1.7 grown toddlers” size. 

Shit on JWoww all you want, but you at least have to give her credit for finding a way to stay relevant that doesn’t include a sex tape. Baby steps guys, baby steps.

[Images via Instagram]