Our Girl Kate Beckinsale Is At The Beach, Doing That Bikini Yoga We Love

If you’ve been fans of BroBible for a while, you may remember the halcyon days of the celebrity bikini yoga craze, when celebrities were posting photos of themselves doing yoga in bikinis to Instagram all the damn time (okay, it was really just like one weekend where Sasha Cohen posted two pictures and I ran with it like the objectifying perv I truly am).

For some reason, though (perhaps because we continually objectified them on this site), celebrities stopped doing this.

Well, I’m here to say they are back (one of them, who has never done it before, has now done one post).

It’s Kate Beckinsale, last seen donning a penis costume. She’s at the beach and, well, we wish we were there, too.

This is also a great picture, although not a yoga pose (maybe modified Utkatasana).

And this is just a picture.

Perhaps the craze will be revived!


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