As If Our Girl Kate Beckinsale Couldn’t Get Any Hotter, Here She Is Dressed Up As Our Favorite Sex Organ

We here at BroBible are fans of two things.

Kate Beckinsale and our own penises.

(What? You thought our favorite sex organ was a vagina? Lol. Ha. No We love our own dicks way more than we love anything else in the world.)

Kate Beckinsale burst into our lives in 2001, as the stunning, strong Evelyn in Pearl Harbor. She’s been bae to us just about ever since.

Our own penises, we came to notice them sometime around the fourth grade, and have been utterly fascinated with them just about ever since.

What happens when you combine the two?

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Here are some other Kate Beckinsale pictures.

[Via The Cut]