Kate Hudson Posted A Photo Of Her Bare Ass On Instagram

Look, I could go on in here to spin you a yarn about how the supposed “story” behind this photo is that Kate Hudson had her assistant post it to make Nick Jonas (who, by the way, is 23 whereas Hudson is 36) jealous, but I won’t. Why? Because that’s dumb. While sometimes we do post tabloid rumors and other gossipy crap, I personally don’t enjoy it. And so instead of doing that I’ll just throw out the obvious:

It’s a butt.

It’s Kate Hudson.

It’s Kate Hudson’s butt…

…and we both know you want to look at it.

Unfortunately we don’t do nudity on the site, so click HERE to look at the butt. Or, if you didn’t like that link, you can also click HERE. Or HERE. Or HERE or HERE or HERE HERE HERE. Really there’s so many options there’s no possible way you could have an excuse to say no, right?