Kate Upton Without A Shirt On Proves There’s Still Only One Kate Upton

Kate Upton doesn’t need a swimsuit issue to still be sexy as hell.

There’s been a lot of talk about “The Next Kate Upton” recently. And while we’re obviously HUGE fans of women like Charlotte McKinney, one of the ladies to have been given that moniker, this topless photo of Kate Upton by fashion photographer Sebastian Faena shows that there’s still really only one Kate Upton.

Sadly, for all of us, Upton did not appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue despite being on the cover two and a half times in the last three years (she was on the flip cover last year). I still haven’t heard a definitive reason why that is yet, but this photo of Kate sporting nothing but a strategically-placed arm almost makes up for it.

We do still kind of miss this though…sigh