This Video Of Katy Perry At Burning Man Is Either Straight Out Of Your Nightmares Or An Outtake From ‘Mad Max’

If you’re going to do Burning Man, you best either be prepared and have planned that shit out months in advance or be Katy Perry, aka rich as hell and able to do just about whatever the fuck she feels like. Most people go to Burning Man with their cars packed to the brim with food, camping gear, basically the nuts and bolts of what it takes to live out in the desert for a week.

Rich as hell Katy Perry, on the other hand, rolls up to the festival dressed like an extra from Mad Max:


That’s legitimately terrifying…until she falls off her Segway and has to chase it into the desert. Personally, we here at BroBible prefer regular ol’ sexy Katy Perry:


But to each their own.