Stunning Kelly Rohrbach Is Going To Make The ‘Baywatch’ Reboot Very Fapable, Err Watchable (18 Pics)

Last month, the captivating Kelly Rohrbach flaunted her impressive golf stroke. She is continually working on her swing.

But it’s not all golfing for the magnificent model, she is hard at work on the set of the Baywatch reboot.

But we need to remember how fantastic of a model that the scintillating Kelly is.

She’s on the cover of GQ Mexico.

She’s on the cover of Elle in some foreign country with wacky symbols for letters.

I should have gone to the beach.

Kelly, the ex of Leonardo DiCaprio, has a nice necklace.

She’s a treehugger.

My dinghy is much larger than that one. Just putting it out there.