Kristie Pearson And Her MANY Bikinis Make A Real STRONG Case For HOTTEST UFC Octagon Girl

I know this goes against my long-held belief that there would never be a UFC Octagon Girl that could hold a candle to mainstays Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer, but damn, Kristie Pearson has certainly put herself into the discussion as of late.

Over the past year or two, the UFC has been introducing us to several new models whose job is to look pretty and tell us what round it is: Jamillette Gaxiola, Luciana Andrade and others have made quite the impression on us.

But Kristie Pearson, who you may have caught now and then in our weekly hot celebrity Instagram roundups, has had her Instagram game ON POINT like never before over the past few months or so.

Take a look…

Oh yeah, she’s also quite talented when it comes to wearing lingerie as well. You’ll see…

Pretty damn good, huh? Just to keep the peace, let’s call it a tie between Kristie, Arianny and Brittney. Unless, you know, they’d like to settle it in the Octagon. Because that’d be kind of cool too.