Spectacular Lana From ‘Total Divas’ Did A Tantalizing WWE Bikini Photoshoot That Demands Your Attention


Catherine Joy Perry AKA C.J. AKA Lana AKA Lana Fierce AKA The Ravishing Russian has many names, but I just call her “Wow.” The Total Divas star is doing a spectacular photoshoot for WWE, and by the first scalding images it appears that the spread will be absolutely tremendous.

Not sure that the lovely Lana has the proper footwear for a dive into the pool.

I’d be so pissed if someone scuffed up my diving board because they wore high heels on it.


Who the fuck am I kidding? The gorgeous Lana could walk on my corneas with those spiky heels and I’d be tickled pink with joy.

I should have gone to the pool today.

Nice earrings.

Thank our lucky stars for slow-motion videos.