Hot Cosplayer Leeanna Vamp Dresses As Sexy DC & Marvel Comics Characters For Playboy

by 3 years ago

leeanna vamp harley quinn cosplay

Playboy published this video of sexy cosplayer Leanna Vamp dressed up as various DC and Marvel Comics characters to squash the debate over which universe is better. I watched it and couldn’t name like half the characters. Then, I saw the first comment… “Cameltoe at 0:17”. So, I went to the replay booth…

Not sure what women’s stance is on cameltoes, and I don’t know want to be the guy to tell women they should be proud of their mound, but if I were a lady, I’d be like ‘hell yeah, poon power!’ Like, when Jon Hamm’s ham got paparazzi’d, you think Don Draper drowned his sorrows in a bath of bourbon in his corner office? No.

As for the DC vs. Marvel debate. Vamp’s all in on DC, which was a bit of a surprise, but Marvel’s killing it right now. DC’s Batman vs. Superman tried to do too much, but Suicide Squad looks tight. If there’s one thing DC’s got going for them, it’s their villains. Keep feeding us grade-A bad guys and girls and we’ll keep throwing cream at the screen.

Vamp is the self-proclaimed Queen of the Nerds and the Ghoul Of Your Dreams. She and a lady friend are the featured players on StarWarsGirls and Fiends Forever.

I’ve done the liberty of hand-picking Vamp’s best Instagram pics for your perusal.

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