Lindsay Lohan Shares Arabic Message She Thinks Says ‘You’re Beautiful,’ But It Actually Means ‘You’re A Donkey’

Oh, Lindsay. Oh, Lindsay. I’m so sorry, but I think you just got trolled by the entire Arabian peninsula.

Today, she shared this inspirational Arabic message to Instagram, which she said means “You’re Beautiful.”

Except… whoops! That’s not at all what it says.

That’s a reporter for Arabic Al Aan TV, which, yup, means she’s a more authoritative source on the matter than Ol’ Li Lo.

(Really anyone is.)

Mediaite ran the phrase through Google Translate and got the same answer, so…. sorry Lindsay.

My guess is someone gave it to her as a joke, told her it meant “beautiful,” and is cackling their face off right now.

That’s okay, because deep down, we know the truth.

أنت جميلة

That’s “you’re beautiful” in Arabic. Maybe.