You Probably Won’t Dislike The Cleavage Bomb Lindsay Lohan Dropped On Instagram

Can you believe it’s been over a MONTH since we last checked in on Lindsay Lohan??????????

I know you, the readers, fault us, the Bros, for a great number of things, but this is one diss we deserve. We failed in our most basic task, that being sharing Instagram pictures of Lindsay Lohan.

Like, what the FUCK have I been doing at work? Cocaine? No. Not all. Just not my job, that’s for certain.

Sincerest apologies, my friends, and please enjoy this recap of her past month, beginning with this morning’s cleavage. (Only LiLo can drop the Monday morning boob shot. That’s why we love her.)

What else has Lindsay Lohan been up to?

Well, hanging with this small child!

Skiing!! (hehe Lindsay Snow-han)

Taking selfies!

Acting like a frog!

Making incomprehensible quasi-political statements!

Pretending to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue!

Posing seductively!

Being incapacitated by a trip to the dentist?

And, last but not least, turning me on.

Yea, girl. It is a magic Monday.