Is Lindsay Lohan Photoshopping Her Instagram Photos So She Doesn’t Look Fat? Yes, Yes She Is

On Sunday our very own David Covucci took it upon himself to muster up the courage to explore the greasy dumpster fire that is Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram account. After perusing her account for several seconds on end, he found the following photo where Lindsay is posing in a pair of Calvin Kleins and looks deceptively hot.


If you’re just looking for some prime material to jerk off to then you probably only gave the picture a cursory glance as you continued on your mission to find various nip slips that Instagram hadn’t removed yet, but if you’re like me and only clicked because I was bored and “why not,” you would have noticed this:

See how those bottles are weirdly defying the laws of physics and leaning in towards Lindsay’s stomach? That usually only happens when someone goes into Photoshop and shrinks an area, but then is like “Oh wait I suck at Photoshop and don’t know how to do things without making them look shitty.” So because I’m thorough and really like to waste time at work dicking around in Photoshop, this is what Lindsay Lohan ACTUALLY looks like:

Yep, about 9 months pregnant and flat as a board.

…or maybe this one’s a little more accurate:

Does she look fat to you there? No, she doesn’t. Lindsay was probably better off not Photoshopping her stomach because now everyone knows she’s incompetent when it comes to photo editing. Good move there Lohan, now you’re incompetent AND diseased, a winning combination if you ask me.

[Images via Instagram]