Disney’s ‘Teen Beach Movie’ Star Maia Mitchell Enjoyed A Little Topless Sunbathing

In what has become a grand Disney tradition, 22 year-old Aussie Maia Mitchell, star of two movies on the Disney Channel over the past three years, Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2, did a little something-something without her top on. (That’s her in the photo above at the premiere of the sequel to those films last year.)

Unlike some *cough* others, I am pretty sure that this wasn’t your typical cry for attention since she’s, you know, Australian. Of course it could be, but they do have a completely different mindset when it comes to nudity on the beach down there. God bless ’em, free the nipple and all that.

Well, that’s not very “family friendly” of her flipping us the bird like that.

Since I assume that many of you are unfamiliar with Maia Mitchell and her many talents (she’s currently starring on a show on Freeform – whatever channel that is), I figured we’d take a trip through her Instagram account and see if we can’t get a little better acquainted with her. Sound good? Excellent…

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