This Just In: Michelle Jenneke Still Looks Very Good In A Bikini

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michelle jenneke bikini

Michelle Jenneke, Instagram

Michelle Jenneke in a bikini on the beach is pretty much what Jenneke should always be doing since last time I checked she’s famous for one thing: her sexy pre-race dance ritual. That being said we’re all suckers for pretty ladies in bikinis so it’s just a nice little bonus that she’s kind of famous too boot.

Jenneke says that this photo is of her “chilling out between filming for the Nutri-Grain sports star showdown” which is a show that I sure hope airs at some point in the United State because, you know, she’s wearing a bikini and I’d like to see that on my television.

Sure, it’s no World Star Hip Hop video…

But it ain’t bad.

Obligatory other Michelle Jenneke bikini pics…

Barcelona 🌞🌞

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Awesome day at Rottnest Island, WA

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And of course…

Michelle Jenneke hurdles

Tumblr/Michelle Jenneke

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