This Just In: Michelle Jenneke Still Looks Very Good In A Bikini

michelle jenneke bikini

Michelle Jenneke, Instagram

Michelle Jenneke in a bikini on the beach is pretty much what Jenneke should always be doing since last time I checked she’s famous for one thing: her sexy pre-race dance ritual. That being said we’re all suckers for pretty ladies in bikinis so it’s just a nice little bonus that she’s kind of famous too boot.

Jenneke says that this photo is of her “chilling out between filming for the Nutri-Grain sports star showdown” which is a show that I sure hope airs at some point in the United State because, you know, she’s wearing a bikini and I’d like to see that on my television.

Sure, it’s no World Star Hip Hop video…

But it ain’t bad.

Obligatory other Michelle Jenneke bikini pics…

And of course…

Michelle Jenneke hurdles

Tumblr/Michelle Jenneke