Good Morning! Mila Kunis Says She Wants to Star in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

From the Sun:

Gorgeous Mila Kunis says she would love to star in the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Mila — voted the world’s sexiest woman by Sun readers — admitted she could have a “good time” playing the erotic novel’s heroine Anastasia Steele.

The 29-year-old said: “There are times when you just want to do something fun and different, because you’re going to have a good time doing it.”

Harry Potter star Emma Watson, 22, has also been linked with the role. Drive hunk Ryan Gosling, 32, is tipped to play Mr Grey.

Brit screenwriter Kelly Marcel is penning the script. She said: “It will be raunchy — we’re 100 per cent going there.”


Can you imagine how weird the audience makeup is going to be for this movie? You're going to have super-fans of the book lining up around blocks and camping out for tickets while wearing, like, gimp gear. Then, right beside the older women, you're going to have bros who have wanted to see Kunis naked since the “That 70s Show” and will probably cheer in the theater once the first sex scene comes up on the screen. Then they'll be hushed by the members of the crowd who weirdly find this to be a meaningful love story. God, I want to be in a theater where a guy is hushed for yelling, “TITS!” What a movement. What a film.