Is Miley Cyrus Beginning To Look Like Tara Reid? Miley’s Newest Bikini Photo Has People Talking


Miley Cyrus has gotten kinda weird over the years. From dyeing her armpit hair pink (wut) to basically everything she did at the MTV VMA’s that one year (ew), girl’s kinda gone off her rocker. But no one’s ever called her fat, anorexic, ugly, etc. Just eccentric…very very very eccentric.

But it looks like the Internet trolls are out in full force lately, talking shit about Miley’s latest bikini photos on Instagram. I, for one, think she looks toned as hell. Not everyone shares my sentiment.

For reference, here’s Tara Reid:

Do you think Miley’s beginning to look like Tara? Because the comments on Miley’s photos sure say so: