Here Are The Nationalities That Men And Women Find To Be The Sexiest

Everyone has their own preferences. Favorite food. Favorite clothing brands. Favorite alcoholic beverage. Favorite nipple clamps. And even favorite nationality that they deem to be the sexiest. A poll discovered exactly which nationalities were the hottest among men and women., the leading online dating site for those with a passion for travel, asked single American women which country produces the sexiest men.

Sexiest Nationalities for Men
1 Irish – 7,862
2 Australian – 6,486
3 Pakistani – 4,761
4 American – 2,909
5 English – 2,133
6 Scottish – 1,554
7 Italian – 905
8 Nigerian – 721
9 Danish – 670
10 Spanish – 598

Kiss me, I’m the sexiest nationality on the planet. Not for nothing, if given the choice, I’m totally banging an Australian dude over a pale Irishman.

Meanwhile, a survey of 44,873 men were polled on the sexiest nationalities of women and this is how they responded.

Sexiest Nationalities for Women
1 Armenian – 5,971
2 Barbadian/Bajan – 4,036
3 American – 3,402
4 Colombian – 2,741
5 English – 2,006
6 Australian – 1,040
7 Brazilian – 992
8 Filipino – 651
9 Bulgarian – 429
10 Lebanese – 323

Thanks a lot Kardashians.

Brazil is number 7? Number 7? Are you on fucking crack?

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