Nicole Scherzinger ‘Goofs Around’ By Stripping Down To Her Bra And Underpants

Nicole Scherzinger is apparently loving the single life since her breakup with Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton. I say that because pretty much every time we’ve seen her since then she’s doing something sexy and it usually involves wearing very little clothing.

Case in point: the CRAZY HOT shirt she was wearing on the red carpet a couple of weeks ago. That was a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.

And now, Nicole Scherzinger shared a photo to Instagram of herself “goofin around at the #VSAngelSuite,” as she puts it.

I certainly like the way Nicole Scherzinger goofs around, don’t you?

Here’s a little taste of that shirt I mentioned if you for some reason haven’t clicked on that link above yet.

Oh, and then there was this a week ago.

Any second thoughts, Lewis?