Pamela Anderson Pulls A Kim Kardashian, Gets Downright Salacious For Paper Magazine (Which You Can See! Here!)

Another month, another (quasi) celebrity getting naked for Paper magazine.

Who runs the world? Whoever does booking for whatever Paper is.

After breaking the internet with their Kim Kardashian cover, Paper is back, with some shots of Pamela Anderson in a black wig (idk why don’t ask me), promoting some sort of thing. Cruelty free shoes?

WARNING: There’s sort of some butt cheek. But if you’re clicking on this at work, that’s your problem. Not mine.

Not mine.

Pamela, for her own part, is dropping her own sweet shots on her own account, from another photo shoot.

Damn Pam.
Be sure to head to Paper Magazine to see the rest.

[Via Esquire]