This Professional Female Surfer Says She’s ‘Too Ugly To Get Sponsored’ – Would You Let Her Ride Your Board?

31-year-old Silvana Lima has won eight national Brazilian surfing titles, came in second place twice in the world and has the “largest unofficial title of the history of surfing in Brazil.” You would think that with such an impressive resume, Silvana would have sponsors climbing over each other to get her endorsement.

And yet she has none.

According to Mirror, Silvana believes that the reason she does not have any sponsors is because she’s not “good-looking enough” when compared to all the other professional female surfers with sponsors:

She said: “I am not considered good-looking enough in the surfing world . I need to look more like a model, and I don’t. I am a surfer, a professional surfer, but not a model.

“I could get breast implants, dye my hair, wear contact lenses to make my eyes blue but it would be so weird, no one would recognise me. It would not be me.”

She said however that the big brands wanted surfers to also be models.

She said: “If you do not look like a model, then you will remain unsponsored like me, no matter how successful you are.”(via)

That’s a fair statement – all the sponsored female surfers I know of are pretty hot. Take for example Sage Erickson:

Or Tyler Wright:

But Silvana? She says she had to launch a crowdfunding campaign in 2014 just to get her career started, and we can’t figure out why – I mean look at her. She’s fit, toned and tanned like a goddess. In our book she can hang with Tyler and Sage, even if she doesn’t think so:

[H/T Mirror]