There’s a REAL Alyssa Milano Sex Tape Somewhere in the World

Alyssa Milano was on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and she confirmed that she made a sex tape. At first, she tells Ferguson she destroyed it (“burned it”), but then admits that it might be out there somewhere.

She says it was in her early 20s. So if you had sex with Alyssa Milano between December 19th, 1992 and December 18th, 1997, please collect all your VHS tapes and begin throwing them in and pressing fast forward until you find it. If you do not have a VHS player, here is a link to every VHS player available on Ebay. They are inexpensive and this is your civic duty. Here's the full clip from the show, wherein, I remind you, Alyssa Milano admits she made a sex tape. 

[H/T Guyism]