Rihanna Performed A Concert Dancing On A Glass Bridge, One Fan Filmed Her From Underneath — All I Can Say Is WOW


Instagram / liamfrancisquigley

Rihanna performed in Scotland for her Anti world tour, and she reportedly came on stage half an hour late, which is kind of par for the course with musicians so I’m not sure what people are bitching about there.

Once on stage Rihanna did some serious thrusting and dancing, all on top of a glass bridge. One fan managed to snap a video of Rihanna’s explicit dancing and it has since been viewed nearly 300k times on his page, and Rihanna liked her sexy clip so much that she jacked it and put it on her Instagram where it’s since been watched nearly 4 million times. When you click play on this short clip you’ll see why everyone’s buggin’ out over it:


And since we’re here I obviously had to scroll through Rihanna’s feed and find her best/sexiest Instagram pics from recent days, so here those are:

Unsurprisingly, most of Rihanna’s recent Instagrams have come for her Anti world tour, and aren’t her typical sexy poolside photos of yesteryear. It’s work work work work work season for RiRi, not chill by the pool and smoke weed all day season. That latter is my favorite season for Rihanna, so I hope she wraps up this world tour sooner rather than later.

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