Robin Thicke’s Smoking Hot 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Looks Ridiculously Good In A Bikini

Oh, Robin Thicke. Just when we think you’re done, what with your failed albums and divorce from Paula Patton, you pick yourself right back up and…become creepier than ever. Sure your girlfriend April Love Geary is smoking hot, but she’s also 20. You, on the other hand, are 38. To top it off, you also had a slew of passengers complain about how you wouldn’t stop trying to tongue fuck April while waiting in line to board a plane out of LAX. According to Page Six,

“He was standing in the aisle as people boarded, leaning over to make out with her,” sniffed a traveler. “He was blocking the way. She was giggling. It was obnoxious. He was just like, ‘Oh, sorry.’ He knew he was being disruptive.”

Again, yes, she’s hot and I would do the same thing. But I’m not 38. I’m 25. It’s not as creepy when I’m only 5 years older than my girlfriend rather than 18.

Although Thicke is creepy as hell, can we really blame him? I mean look at her:

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