Sexy Australian DJ Robyn Lawley Is Your Sixth SI Swimsuit Rookie For 2015

Another day, another smoking hot SI Swimsuit rookie for the class of 2015. Today it’s another woman we are not very familiar with (which is apparently SI’s theme this year, and a good one) in Australian model Robyn Lawley.

Calling her just a model would be a big mistake, however, as SI Swim Daily tells us that in addition to modeling Robyn Lawley is also a blogger, painter, author and, check this out, a DJ who performs under the name “Robelle.”

My last gig was at New York Fashion Week. I have a synth board and keyboards and stuff, and I’ve started making my own music. I really like remixing and making mashups. I especially love Trent Reznor, what he does on soundtracks — it’s very atmospheric.

After you peep her first SI Swimsuit photos and video as well as some of her sexiest Instagram shots, be sure to check her out on SoundCloud. Girl’s got skills.