Ronda Rousey And Caroline Wozniacki’s SI Swimsuit Videos Are Even Hotter Than Their Pics

Ronda Rousey scares us, but in a good way.

As you are probably aware, UFC’s destroyer of worlds Ronda Rousey and tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki were the athlete representatives for this year’s SI Swimsuit issue.

If not, these photos of Rousey and Wozniacki will get you up to speed. (Even more here.)

Now Sports Illustrated, being the savvy folks that they are, picked today of all days to release sexy behind the scenes videos of their two star athletes. (Gee, I wonder why today?) And as we all know, videos are always way better than still photographs.

So give them a good hard look and just like Cat Zingano, see if you can last more than 14 seconds.

Did you make it without getting “arm-barred?” Okay, good, one more to go…

Game. Set. Match.