Rose Bertram, SI Swimsuit Rookie Number Three, Ditches Her Top, Looks Like A Fun Girl

Much like SI Swimsuit rookie number two Ashley Smith, model Rose Bertram is a name most of you out there are probably not familiar with. I know I had no idea who she was until Sports Illustrated released her video and photos to the public this morning. That being said, you can’t say that SI Swimsuit doesn’t have an eye for talent because Rose Bertram is definitely a model we should all know about. Blonde hair and green eyes? Gotta love that.

SI Swimsuit tells us that Rose Bertram is 20 years-old, lives in Paris but is originally from Belgium, and was their very first 2015 Casting Call candidate back in March. Luckily for us they didn’t forget about her after seeing almost 60 models and that’s why she’s a part of the 2015 rookie class. Smart move on their part.

Check out Bertram’s first photo and video for SI Swimsuit as well as several sexy photos from her Instagram account below.