Sara Jean Underwood Uses Cleavage, Bikinis And Underboob To Show Why She’s ‘The Perfect Girlfriend’

I have no idea what you call this shirt/dress/robe thing that one-time Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood is wearing in the photo below, but it’s literally just about the greatest article of clothing I’ve ever seen. Is this going to be a new fashion trend in women’s clothing? I really hope it becomes a new fashion trend.

And once again I am left asking, “Why is Sara Jean Underwood NOT on our televisions anymore?!” Someone really needs to put an end to this travesty and soon.

Dammit. If that photo wasn’t enough, just look at her in the bikini pic she shared yesterday.

And THEN, just to top things off, she also just shot this video, complete with sexy underboob, showing exactly why she’d be the “perfect girlfriend.”

Between all her yoga pants pics and this stuff today I think I am going to put together a little letter-writing campaign and send it to everyone in Hollywood because this woman needs to be back on my TV RIGHT NOW.

Right after I eat this doughnut… and maybe a little beef jerky. BUT THEN I’M TOTALLY DOING IT!