The Internet Is Losing It Over This 20-Year-Old Model With Different Colored Eyes

It’s easy to see why the Internet is freaking out over this 20-year-old model with different colored eyes: Sarah McDaniel, aka ‘Krotchy’ is hot as hell. In the medical field having ‘Heterochromia iridum’ is mostly considered a genetic abnormality, but after scrolling through Instagram photos of Sarah (otherwise known as ‘Krotchy’) I’m convinced that heterochromia’s an advantage in the world of modeling because it helps her stand out from the pack.

How rare is this condition? Well, according to Heterochromia occurs in approximately 6 out of ever 1,000 births. Combine that with the fact that the chances of becoming a supermodel are less than winning the lottery and I think it’s safe to say that Sarah has won both the Powerball and Mega Millions of the ‘genetic lottery’. The website LadBible are claiming that Sarah and her ‘different coloured eyes’ are going viral, and once you see this pics you’ll understand why (they also allege that she may be wearing different colored contacts, but I choose to believe she isn’t):

Best Of The Sarah McDaniel aka ‘Krotchy’ Instagram Photos

So what do you bros think? Is she worth all the hype she’s currently getting? Is she wearing contacts or are those her real eyes? Answers down below in the comments, but not before you go follow her on Instagram!!!