Selena Gomez Shared A Little Bikini Cleavage On Instagram… For Her Fans

Unfortunately that title can be taken literally as Selena Gomez shared a very small amount of bikini cleavage on Instagram with her most recent bikini pic. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right? (Don’t worry, we make up for her error, keep reading.)

Also, since Selena apparently forgot how to properly use her phone for a selfie and shot this one sideways I went ahead and turned it around so you don’t have to crank your neck to view it. I’m nice like that.

To make up for Selena’s poor photography skills on that most recent photo here’s another bikini pic Selena shot just last week that somehow slipped through the cracks. She actually did a pretty good job when taking this one…

So to recap from yesterday: Selena Gomez butt pics can be found on Justin Bieber’s account and the cleavage shots on Selena’s.

As an added bonus I just went ahead and threw in a few more sexy shots that Selena’s shared the last few months in case you don’t keep track of her account as much as you’d like. Again, I’m nice like that.

Selena Gomez image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock