Selena Gomez Wearing A Bra And Showing Off Some Booty Will Cure What Ails You Today

Charisma Carpenter and McKayla Maroney (among others) weren’t the only ones sharing some sexy pics over the 4th of July weekend. No sir.

Selena Gomez also dropped a few sexy pics and a video showing off her pert derriere then compounded the sexy by also sporting some sort of bra/bikini top thing. (I don’t know women’s fashion, it just looks hot.)

The pics were from her concert tour page and the video shows Selena making her way through the Independence Day shindig she threw. Solid choice of perspective here by whoever was doing the filming by the way.

Here’s another pic from that set that she shared last week along with a few other goodies because they’re pretty fun to look at as well.

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