Someone Invented The ‘Dildo Selfie Stick’ And Now You Know What To Get Your Girlfriend For Christmas

If you saw your wife or girlfriend holding an embarrassing selfie stick you’d do the right thing and smack it out of her hand like it was a grenade that was about to detonate. However this selfie stick might be the only acceptable selfie stick to own in the entire universe.

It’s aptly called the “Dildo Selfie Stick,” and this is not the type of selfie stick that your weird Aunt Opal who goes on a cruise every six months uses. This selfie stick or selfie dick allows ladies to pleasure themselves with a dildo and take photos of their face as they orgasm. Come again?

The contraption allows a dildo to screw on one end, attached to a telescoping rod which holds your phone on the other to capture a woman’s mind-blowing “O” face. Necessity is the mother of invention. “I’m going to gush sweet women juice when I cum to a squirting climax, but first let me take a selfie.”

“It’s the first selfie stick which allows you to, well, stick it,” the woman with sweet bangs in the video announces.

However video seems rather cheeky and might be fake. And even though there being a website, a Twitter and YouTube channel, it appears there is nowhere to purchase this whimsical apparatus. Motherfuckers need a Kickstarter or some shit to penetrate the market and get their product out on the streets. And they need to hurry up because this could be the one Christmas present for all the women in my life.

Only one problem, all the photos are going to be blurry photographs of a headboard.