4 Strippers Arrested For Showing Body Part That Would Offend Literally No One

If I see an article about strippers being arrested for crack I’m automatically assuming the drug. Nope. Four San Antonio strippers were arrested for showing their buttcracks to undercover cops.

According to a San Antonio Police Department report, officers went to Sugar’s on the Northwest Side on Feb. 5 to investigate a complaint for possible prostitution going on at the club.

When they went inside, they saw two dancers pulling down the waistband of their thongs to reveal “the crevice of their buttocks,” which is a violation of a city ordinance prohibiting nudity in sexually oriented businesses, according to the report.

So it’s cool for plumbers but not for strippers? I’m slightly confused. Perhaps it’s time to brush up on the laws of San Antonio in regard to naked ladies.

City code defines nudity as a state of dress which fails to completely and opaquely cover human genitals, the pubic region, pubic hair, the crevice of the buttocks or anus or any portion of the female breast that is situated below a point immediately above the top of the areola.

Fair enough but THEY’RE INSIDE A STRIP CLUB! That’s insane but not as insane as this little bit of info about Sugar’s gentleman’s club: “Sugar’s, located at 2731 NW Loop 410, was the 8th most lucrative bar in Bexar County last year.”

The eighth? Out of how many? That’s not something to be bragging about unless it’s “number 8 out of 100” or “8th least expensive.” Your peso goes farther at Sugar’s! Just not in her coin slot.

[H/T: My San Antonio]

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