New Study Says Guys Prefer Slim Girls Like Taylor Swift Than Curvier Kim Kardashian Types

Not since Marilyn Monroe’s heyday in the 1950’s has the American public been so enamored with curvier girls. Whether it started with Christina Hendricks, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence or Kim Kardashian, it seems that having a voluptuous body is in right now. However a new study reveals that men actually prefer tall, thin girls like the lovely Taylor Swift.

There were 60,000 devoted volunteers from all over the world who gave their valuable time and opinions on the female form in the name of science. The exhaustive coed study, 80 percent men and 20 percent women, had people rate nearly 1,000 different female body types to declare which is the most desired.

The results from the comprehensive research found that both men and women preferred a thin girl with long legs like Taylor Swift as opposed to a gal with a fat ass and big titties like Kim Kardashian.

The methodical fact-finding mission by researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia discovered that the ideal woman was taller in height and longer in leg rather than a bigger bum and busty chest.

The study had different factors such as breast size, waist size, slope of shoulders, length of legs, circumference of lower legs, girth of biceps and something called “seat prominence,” translation – does she have a fat ass.

Here’s how they performed the very important study:

They created computerized images of different female body shapes based on 24 basic factors from bust and bottom size to length of legs and waist circumference.

A first ‘generation’ of 120 of these were rated by volunteers from all over the world responding to a social media campaign asking for help.

The 60 body shapes with the lowest ratings were eliminated. Each of the remaining 60 were then taken and a slight variation of each was added to create another 120 shapes.

Again, they were rated by volunteers and the bottom 60 eliminated and the process was repeated for eight ‘generations’ – a total of 960 different shapes and sizes of female body.

What the researchers found was that in every generation, the 60 lowest rated body shapes were generally the fattest, shortest and roundest of the computerized figures.

By the end of the eighth generation, the highest rated female form was tall with a small waist and long, slender legs, a smaller bottom and smaller bust said the researchers.

Why can’t we have something in between, like say the stunning Charlotte McKinney?

So what’s your preferred type a fat ass and big tittays, a thin girl or athletic type?