This Video Of A Topless SI Swimsuit Model Getting Water Poured On Her Will Give You Life

Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Editor M.J. Day is back at it again.

As we know from years past Day enjoys posting photos of various models from her stable of gorgeous women only with their heads cut off revealing just their bodies.

The photos are always some of the sexiest on the internet so we don’t mind that we have no idea who the women are. I guess that’s her way of keeping it all a secret while still tantalizing us.

Well, it must be that time of the year again because this week we’ve seen a sudden rise in these types of photos only this time she’s gone one better.

This time she shared a video. A really, really, really good video. So good that I bet there is no way you can watch it just once.

Oh yeah, the photos, she and her cohorts have also started sharing those again too. Here you go…

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